The Occult Symbol Of The Circle And The Serpent

by Harriett Augusta Curtiss

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The symbol of the serpent is susceptible of many interpretations, exoteric, esoteric most deeply occult. In general, it is the symbol both of wisdom and of the wise, who in the Sacred Language are frequently referred to as serpents. The Nagas of Hindu literature are none other than Rishis, liberated Yogis, Adepts. The serpent is chosen as a.   It is the principal symbol of Satanism. Many satanic artworks use it. The symbol of Baphomet is a combination of the serpent Leviathan, the goat and the inverted pentacle. The sigil is a representative of Satan, which is the dark force of both man and nature. The pentacle has 5 points. This points can go in different directions.3/5(2). In The Mayan Ouroboros, the much-anticipated follow-up to his bestselling Serpent of Light, spiritual researcher Drunvalo Melchizdek reveals for the first time what Mayan elders have told him about this period. In this book he explains how to prepare for this transition to a year cycle by learning how to move out of our brain and /5(). Discover the secret meaning of the mysterious Great Serpent Symbol. Pictures and meanings of Native American Indian symbols including the Great Serpent Symbol. The Great Serpent Symbol meaning. Great Serpent Symbol - Winged or Feathered snake-like creature x Snakes can fly while you sleep, but not when you're awake pins.

  The spiral is the age-old intuitive symbol of spiritual development and our identity with the universe. It is found in cultures the world over and reflected in shamanism, serpent cults, dragon lore Author: Geoff Ward. CIRCLE The next logical magical symbol is the circle. Effectively an expansion of the dot, the circle represents the spirit and the cosmos. Further, the circle itself is constructed from “some thing” (the unbroken line) and “no thing” (the space inside and outside this line). Therefore, the File Size: 9MB. It then evolved from the serpent biting its tail - swallowing itself - and is the symbol of the destructive. New age teachers say that the point refers to the supreme one, the god behind all gods: Cross of baphomet This is the symbol of baphomet or mendes. It was worn by top occultists such as satanist Albert Pike and appears on much. The shared and recurring ancient occult symbolism almost always centers on a single person, an eye or a circle - the individual, one consciousness, the third eye, or the observer - in connection with serpents or a serpent. The ouroboros is a circle made by a serpent. The .

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The ouroboros, the serpent that forms a circle by biting its own tail, symbolizes the eternal cycle of life, death, and rebirth. In its carnal aspect, the serpent represents a phallus and its associations of the life force, sexuality, and sensuality.

As a phallic symbol, the serpent often is associated with pregnancy in imagery and mythology. The Occult Symbol Of The Circle And The Serpent [Curtiss, Harriett Augusta, Curtiss, F. Homer] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying Author: Harriett Augusta Curtiss, F.

Homer Curtiss. ANKH: An Egyptian occult symbol cross symbolizing a mythical eternal life, rebirth, and the life-giving power of the sun.: ANGEL: Symbol of good and evil spirits in religions around the world.

This picture shows a Tibetan guardian angel. For a comparison between Biblical angels and occult angels read chapter 8 in A Twist of Faith. 35 rows  An ancient symbol of a unicursal five-pointed star circumscribed by a circle with many. 33rd Degree Freemason and Master Rosicrucian, Manly P.

Hall says this about the symbol of the serpent in his book, Initiates of the Flame; Many ages have elapsed since the Egyptian Priest King passed through the pillars of Thebes.

Ages before the sinking of Atlantis, thousands of years before the Christian Era, Egypt was a land of great truths. ALL-SEEING EYE: A universal symbol representing spiritual sight, inner vision, higher knowledge, insight into occult mysteries.

Look at your $1 bill. EYE in top Triangle of the PYRAMID: Masonic symbol for the all-seeing eye of god - an mystical distortion of the omniscient (all-knowing) Biblical God. You can find it on the $1 bill. See triangle, Eye of Horus, the Franklin Institute website. Ouroboros serpent on the Book & Snake regalia.

The ouroboros serpent is a symbol of the eternal soul within us, that feeds on the very bodies it uses to manifest itself on the material plane. It´s the same circular symbolism depicted by the rings in the mouths of the lions on the Book.

Apr 8, - Explore kevinhouchin's board "Esoteric Symbols", followed by people on Pinterest. See more ideas about Symbols, Sacred geometry and Occult pins. - A collection of icons, symbols, logos, glyphs, runes, sigils, geometry, lines, textures, patterns, and ephemera relating to the occult, conspiracies pins.

This is a symbol that is hardwired into our consciousness from before even birth. As a symbol of eternity, wholeness and completion it resonates with a higher aspect that lies within each of us.

In the Ouroboros, we find this divine archetype combined with the snake, Author: Arthur Lennon. The study and practice of astrology denies a trust in God and seeks out special knowledge, foreknowledge, and power.

Each symbol of the zodiac has an important meaning and is the most common 'short-hand' for the occult. LIGHTNING BOLT. Also known as a 'satanic S', the lightning bolt is a symbol of supernatural power, punishment, and. Since Ancient Egypt, the circle form of a snake swallowing its own tail is a sign of eternity and or unity.

It is known as “ Ouroboros ”, a depiction of a serpent – and sometimes a dragon – eating its own tail, and in doing so creating a cycle. From a page right out of a Rosicrucian manual, the figure at left is the "Symbol of Creation," Nehushstan the serpent, also called Oroboros, the serpent swallowing its own tail.

This symbolizes perpetual movement (Hegelian dialectic) and the occult conception of the "Circle of Life," the slogan that Disney's movie, The Lion King, made famous.

The Book of God, The Book of Enoch and The Book of Fo reviewed and downloadable. FAIRIES & NATURE SPIRITS. These five books accurately describe the inhabitants of the Elemental Kingdoms.

We review and recommend three books for the serious student of Astrology. We review seven books that discuss Atlantis in a scientific manner. Occult Enigmas Scam. This symbol also appears on the popular TV show "Charmed" which promotes witchcraft and appears on the front cover of "The Book of Shadows" which is used in witchcraft and Satanism.

PROTECTION SYMBOL - Also known as the Ritual Circle. In the occult a circle always represents a boundary of power. If you see a symbol enclosed in a circle, more.

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White or transparent. 4 sizes available. Originally it was seen as a symbol of a Celtic sun god. Once the Celts converted to Christianity it became a symbol of the Celtic Christian Church and was introduced to Ireland by St. Columba who had a monastery on the Isle of Iona. Circle The Circle has long been a symbol of completeness, of the goddess, of infinity and of unity.

As It Adores And Worships The Serpent Part 4 of 5. SERPENT WORSHIP IN FREEMASONRY The Serpent is a very important symbol within both Freemasonry and Christianity. It was also important in ancient civilizations. It shouldn't be a shock to you to learn that Freemasonry worships the Serpent.

Most pagan groups have done this for the past 5, years. - Explore kuushamanka's board "Ouroboros", followed by people on Pinterest. See more ideas about Occult, Ancient symbols and Magick. Triangle inside Circle Occult Illuminati Symbol The triangle within a circle is an ancient occult symbol dating back to the ancient civilisations.

Just as other occult symbols and beliefs have been used and modified by the secret societies and satanic groups over the centuries, this symbol has also seen the same transformation over the ages.

Found in an antique shop in Maine. It is a genuine ‘Book of Shadows’ used by practitioners of the occult and witchcraft. It is surrounded by deer skin and symbols that have been burned in via gun powder; according to Dr.

Barbara DuBois and Dr. David Carrington of Norwich University c pins. Here are just 5 Wiccan symbols for protection that will keep you on the magickal path: Pentacle.

The pentacle is possibly the most well-known of all Wiccan symbols. It is a star enclosed in a circle. The star represents the four elements of earth, air, water and fire plus the spirit.

The circle symbolizes their interconnectedness and being one. The Occult Symbol of the Circle and the Serpent.

Specifications. Publisher: Kessinger Publishing. Book Format: Paperback. Number of Pages: Author: Harriette Augusta Curtiss.

ISBN Publication Date: September, Assembled Product Dimensions (L x W x. Symbolic representation of coming full circle (cycle) The Ouroboros is an ancient symbol depicting a serpent or dragon eating its own tail.

The name originates from within Greek language; (oura) meaning "tail" and (boros) meaning "eating", thus "he who eats the tail". Over the course of many years, doctrines of demons occult doctrines, symbols, psycho-spiritual technologies and tools have been creeping into the whole body of the Christian church, thus for example we see some churches forgoing the cross of Christ in favor of peculiar contemporary logos bearing a striking similarity to the powerful occult symbol, the Oroboros (the body of the serpent.

It’s a circle over a cross. Remember what I said about the Circle of the Spirit and how the physical body is shown as the Cross. The Circle is over the Cross, so once again, “Spirit over Matter”. I think it’s interesting how the Pentagram is a symbol of Venus, and the message it contains is contained in the astrological symbol as well.

The Egg and the Serpent: Part two of three The philosophical or cosmic egg is another nearly universal symbol. Alchemically, the egg is a symbol of the cosmos, as it is in a multitude of folk legends. In Hindu cosmology, it is the source of the universe. The egg as a container of the universe is found in many ancient religions.

Likewise the symbol of the fish, for Christians, represents a following of Jesus, but for other non-Christians, an image of the fish is a zodiac star sign.

(1) In witchcraft, a ‘Wicca’ symbol. The Pentagram And Ram's Head. One of the most potent symbols in occultism is the Pentagram. According to Man, Magic and Myth: The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Mythology, Religion and the Unknown, "The star with with five points is traditionally a weapon of power in magic."However, the all-important factor has to do with the positioning of the pentagram.

High quality Occult Symbol inspired T-Shirts by independent artists and designers from around the orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours. Occult Symbols, Magical Symbols. there are two triangles with a serpent in between look it up in alchemical symbols its in parallel meaning.

I found a strange symbol of a circle with an upsidedown triangle with its base in the middle of the circle and the points touching the right middle, left middle, and the very bottom.Freemasonry is widely accepted as the largest and most influential occult body existing throughout the world today, and has inherited its imagery, known as esoteric (or occult) symbolism, directly from the fountainhead of the pagan ancient mysteries.

Evangelical author of 'Christ the Christian and Freemasonry', and himself an Ulsterman, W.J.Symbolic values frequently assigned to serpents Fertility and rebirth. Historically, serpents and snakes represent fertility or a creative life force.

As snakes shed their skin through sloughing, they are symbols of rebirth, transformation, immortality, and healing. The ouroboros is a symbol of eternity and continual renewal of life.

In some Abrahamic traditions, the serpent represents sexual.